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✈ Shipping Policy & Where's My Package?

Everything You Need To Know

What if Your Package Status in on "Alert" and Was "Returned to Sender" Due to Insufficient Address

If your parcel was returned to our US warehouse due to an "insufficient address" notification, and USPS will not redirect it to your current address - please allow 15-20 days for redelivery, it will have to be sent back to our US warehouse, and reshipped out to you again, at the correct address. You will be notified of the redelivery update via email or SMS as the tracking number will not change. In that case we will cover the cost of reshipment, unless it was "delivered" to the wrong address and it was USPS fault and they cannot get it back for you: In that case you will need to send us correspondence from yourself and USPS stating that in fact it is lost in transit or irrecoverable,  and we can either reorder it for you at no extra cost, or if no longer required we will refund you. 

What if Your Package "Lost in Transit"

We will always refund lost in transit items or arrange reorder and cover shipping cost. Definition of "Lost in transit" means it was not marked as "Delivered" or "Alert" or "Returned to Sender - due to insufficient address" on the USPS website during your buyer protection time of 60 days from date of shipping and tracking number issue.

What If Your Package was Marked as "Delivered" or Marked as "Signed for" But Not Received at Your Address

If your package was scanned as "Delivered" or marked as "Signed For" in the last 24-hours or longer, but you did not receive it, please do the following before contacting us:

In the USA

1. Visit  Where is my package? [the link takes you to the USPS website].
2. Then, call or go to your local Post Office click here to find your nearest Post Office in the USA for an update of its current GPS location.

Only you can authorise re-delivery or collect it at a convenient time. And don't forget to take your ID if you arrange to collect it.

If it has been returned to sender please allow 15-20 days for redelivery, as it has to come back to our US warehouse first, before we can ship it out again. Unfortu

USPS Contact the Customer Care Center
at 877-569-6614 or email
Please have your tracking number ready when you call them (it will be in your tracking number issue email or SMS from us). 

In Canada
Call the Canadian Post Office 1-800-267-1177 

If after doing all of the above you still did not get your item. Please go to the Post office and ask them to provide you a non received proof letter that you can then email to us. And we will reorder the item for you.

Example of a "Delivered" parcel notification on the USPS website.

Delivered notification on the USPS website

Your Package Went to the Wrong Address

If your parcel was marked as "Delivered" and you know it went to the wrong to the  address only you can call USPS, to define its GPS location, and arrange redelivery or collection.

USPS Contact the Customer Care Center 
at 877-569-6614 or email

It is the buyer's responsibility to enter the correct delivery address at the time of ordering. And to double check the correct delivery address is on the order confirmation page and email. And to update us within 24 hours of placing the order if the address is wrong. 

Please note: We cannot change the address if the item has been shipped.'s policy is t
o only ship to the shipping (not business) address provided by buyer at the time of order. If you entered the wrong shipping address - or you entered the correct address, and USPS delivered it to the wrong address, you will have to call USPS to get the order recalled and redelivered to you. We cannot control logistics for you.

Where's My Package? Europe, Canada, NZ and AUS

In Canada
Call the Canadian Post Office 1-800-267-1177 

All packages marked as "delivered" but not received by you can be collected at the post office with ID, but call your local post office or collection point first. If it has been returned to sender already, please allow 15-20 day for redelivery. If Lost in Transit, please get a proof of non receipt from the post office to send to us and we will reorder it for you.

Any other questions: Please contact us and we will be able to advise on next steps.

Example of a "Signed For" parcel notification that is now being returned to sender - Rest of World
Signed for - then returned to sender notification

✈ Shipping Policy FREE Standard e-Packet, Yun Express or USPS Tracking® is Applied to All Items 

✈️Shipping times to USA via USPS Tracking® for Custom Jewelry Orders is approximately 3-4 weeks from date of order placed. Example: Orders placed on 10th July 2020 will be delivered by 10th August 2020. 

Order Confirmation Notification 

Ordering online via our website triggers an Order Confirmation email or SMS to be sent to you (always check your spam email folder or text messages in case your order confirmation number went there we've had reports that some customers don't receive it). If you find it in your spam please add us to your contacts so we can send you your tracking number details so that it does not go to spam too. Email to add to your contacts:

If you can't find your order confirmation email - please contact us here so we can happily resend it to you/

Order Processing Times

On average custom jewelry order processing to the USA & Europe from our design studios in the USA, China and UK is as follows:  

Tracking Number Issue Times

7-14 working/business days (not including weekend or public holidays) for your jewelry item to be designed and tracking number issued.

Shipping Times

Shipping after issue of tracking number takes 10-14 days.

USPS Tracking Number Details

  • When your custom jewelry is ready to be shipped a FREE USPS (USA) shipping tracking number is issued via the email you ordered with or via SMS if you did not supply an email (always check your spam email folder in case your tracking number went there). The email will be sent from

  • Your USPS tracking number ​will look like this example: 9400136206400612559168

  • Track your USPS delivery by entering your  tracking number here:

  • After you received your free USPS tracking number please allow 7-14 working days for USPS Domestic delivery to allocate a delivery date time to your door.
    • Within 7- 14 days of receiving your tracking number USPS will give you an estimated delivery time and date - we cannot do that part for you.

    • If it looks like there is no movement on your item - USPS are organizing delivery estimate for you. Please be patient this can take 7-4 days for the delivery confirmation date to appear. 

    • You can then enter your tracking number in the USPS website and track your delivery from then onwards:

We suggest

  • Contact USPS provider to see if you can retrieve the package. They might be able to stop or retrieve the shipment in transit and return it to you the buyer+
  • Attempt to contact the current resident at the address where you sent the package or ask the buyer to do so. The current resident may be willing to refuse delivery or forward the package to you the buyer

USPS Customer Care Center Contact Details

  • Connect with our customer service representatives to help resolve your issue and get back on track.
  • Email: USPS® Customer Service
  • Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET

Federal Relay Services – TTY Access for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or have speech impairments can communicate with USPS by using the Federal Relay’s TTY services. Connect with the Federal Relay using the following toll-free numbers:

  • 1-800-877-8339 – TTY/ASCII for persons with hearing and speech impairments
  • 1-800-845-6136 – for persons with hearing and speech impairments who wish to speak only in Spanish
  • 1-866-377-8642 – for hearing persons with speech impairments

For more details and a full list of TTY services, go to Federal Relay TTY.

😷 Covi-19 Shipping delays

Update - July 14th, 2020: Due to COVID-19 Delivery times may be longer than usual, air travel has been restricted, which affects our ability to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as we do during normal times. International deliveries may take longer than usual and certain delivery destinations might see further restrictions. Please allow extra time for this. READ MORE ›

Custom Order Processing and Deliveries to Europe, Canada and Rest of World

Please allow 7-14 working days to receive your tracking number. Always check your spam email folder in case your tracking number went there or your SMS messages if you did not give us an email).

On average custom jewelry order processing to
Europe, Canada and Rest of World  from our design studios in: 

  • United States
  • China  
  • UK

Will take 7-10 working/business days for your jewelry item to be designed, and tracking number issued not including public holidays.

When it's ready to be shipped a FREE shipping tracking number is issued via the email you ordered with or via SMS if you did not supply an email (always check your spam email folder in case your tracking number went there).

Your tracking number
 ​will look like this examplePR086753566YP

You can enter the number here to track:

✈️What do I do if the tracking number status says it "doesn't exist" 

During the virus epidemic, there will sometimes be a delay in the logistics update. That message does not mean it does not exist it means there has not been an update. Please allow 7 days for update to appear and to show parcel status. Or contact us and we'll look in to it for you to get a real time update.  

All custom jewelry orders are shipped for FREE worldwide with a gorgeous gift box.

✈️How to track your parcel

If you are based in the USA & Canada track your parcel by entering your tracking number here

If you are based in Europe or rest of world please track here:

Incase production or shipping may be impacted by global issues beyond our control - thank you for your patience.

✈️ When will non customized or non personalized arrive?

On average deliveries to the USA and Europe from our warehouses in: 
  • United States
  • China  
  • UK
Can take 10-20 working days from when you receive your tracking number  via email to get your parcel delivered to your door. Please allow for this.
  • We add end-to-end tracking to your orders at No Additional Cost

  • Please allow 2-7 days for tracking number to be issued 

  • All orders are shipped with a tracking number that will be emailed to you as soon as your item is shipped

  • All other countries in Rest of World may see similar or slightly longer average shipping time. 

Around half the time is spent reaching the destination, while the other half is spent being routed to the proper facilities before making it to your front door in the destination country.

✈️ What is ePacket & USPS delivery?

ePacket and USPS delivery gives customers end-to-end tracking at no additional cost, allowing you to easily monitor and locate your package on official websites such as EMS, USPS, or China Post. Any undeliverable mail is returned for free as well, which means we have no issues refunding you if for some reason you never received your purchase.

✈️ Will I be charged Import Duty on My Purchase?

Please check with your country duty office before purchasing.